Besides doing your tax declarations I would like to help you filing your tax declarations on your own or give feedback to your own tax declaration.

For businesses and companies of all legal forms I can also do all of the necessary ancillary work, such as the preparation of annual financial statements (Jahresabschlüsse), income surplus  (Einnahmenüberschussrechnungen), current accounting and wage accounting, which I learned as a tax clerk – and possibly even do it myself.

If you are in need of affordable conditions, I could also give advice which tasks could also be done by yourself, i.e. how to sort documents in order to help me to work with them as efficiently as possible or how you can do your accountancy work on your own (which not always leads to a reduction of costs – depending on the personality of the client).

Besides of continual tax advice I offer consultation of your individual case i.e. topics like giving advice for business startups, inheritance tax or simply giving you advice to choose your tax class (Steuerklasse).

I do not give advice to right-wing (xenophobic, homophobic, racist, anti-semite or nationalist) persons or those who are involved in the production and distribution of military weapons.

How to get started

First step:
In most cases, the best choice is to call me and to tell me your story. What did you probably study, where did you live, what did you do during the last years? – Such information is important for me in order to ask the “right” questions and to consult according to your needs. If you have come to Germany recently, I am curious to get to know your point of view – for example on everyday cultural differences between the country you came from and Germany. Such a dialogue may take 15 minutes or it may take an hour depending on how much – and I won’t charge for that initial contact. At the end of that chat I can probably tell you how much it might cost you.

Second step:
If we find out that we can go on together, if you are an employee I can provide you a leaflet which contains questions and information about which documents I will need (for the first year of consultation and for the following years). If you plan to start a business or freelance work in Germany or would like me to take over your case as a self-employed person from another tax consultant or accountant or from yourself, there is a high variety in cases which is the reason for that it often needs further decisions from both sides.

Then we can start and I can begin working with your documents.